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All Nations Ministries is committed to working within African countries to alleviate poverty and suffering with a Social Welfare Programme aimed at improving living conditions and providing better educational and training opportunities. Currently, we have a Social Welfare and Education Programme established in Mozambique. As part of our vision, All Nations Ministries (UK registered charity no: 1106013) is committed to working overseas to alleviate poverty and suffering with a Social Welfare Programme aimed at improving living conditions and providing better educational and training opportunities. In October 2006, a team of 4 volunteers, led by Pastor Osee Ntavuka, visited Mozambique. One of the main purposes of the visit was to set up a Computer Training School in the capital, Maputo, with the help of donated computer equipment from Plymouth High School for Girls, local companies and kind members of the public. Mozambique has been ravaged by a long and bitter civil war lasting 19 years and in more recent years has suffered the effects of natural disaster brought about by floods. It is now slowly beginning the long recovery but faces many challenges such as poor infrastructure, poverty and inadequate educational facilities. The team was based in Maputo and whilst there distributed the much needed computer equipment for a Computer Training School to be opened giving basic instruction in IT skills for about 50 students, providing them with internet access to assist them in their studies and search for employment.

Primary School in Nampula Mozambique

Some children school in Mozambique used to have their lessons in a very cramped, thatch and bamboo structure, which although traditional in its design, had become totally inadequate for their needs. Lessons were held in shifts because there was insufficient space to accommodate the children in the small classroom available. In addition, the school had virtually no equipment in the way of books and writing materials. The team was able to distribute donations of paper and pens and other items of stationery on their first visit but soon identified an urgent need for the existing primary school to be replaced with a more modern and practical building to accommodate the children whose enthusiasm and desire to learn was truly inspirational.


After raising the necessary funds to build the first phase of the replacement school, the team were able to make a return visit to Mozambique in May 2008 to attend the inauguration of the new building. The opening ceremony, attended by district officials and administrators, was a joyful occasion and the team received a rapturous welcome from some of the 504 or so children attending the school which will also serve as a community centre for the people living in the area. It is hoped that through the provision of this building, people will be able to access a range of services and activities including adult literacy and language classes, acquire  sewing skills and obtain general advice on health issues and HIV/Aids.


100 Sewing Machine Donation

The Ladies Sewing project established at Nampula using the machines from the UK will be used to generate an income for the women living in Nampula and will enable them to become self-reliant from the sale of their goods. It is very difficult to grow sustainable crops because of the very poor quality of the soil and the lack of rainfall but in order to help generate further income and feed families.

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