Improve social integration, community cohesion and quality of life for marginalised and disadvantaged groups in the city promoting racial harmony and better social integration with the local community.

Provides a range of free services to benefit refugees and asylum seekers. These already include internet access, befriending and counselling, signposting, assistance with immigration issues, emotional and practical support to those facing detention or deportation, translation and interpreting services.

Providing a safe and non-judgemental environment for people from low income and disadvantaged/marginalised backgrounds to meet together and enjoy a hot meal and friendship and a chance to access useful information and obtain free toiletries and clothing and training.

Including young people, elderly, disabled, lone parents, asylum seekers, homeless or rough sleepers and migrant workers. It continues to bring people together from a variety of Social/economic/cultural backgrounds to improve communication and understanding and strengthen communities by providing a meeting point for face to face dialogue,