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ANM Instruction in drums, guitar and keyboard has continued

Under the supervision of our experienced and enthusiastic musical technicians. ANM also has its Children’s African Drumming Group who regularly practice and take part in a number of events and concerts in and around the city. A number of DVDs and CDs have now been

Produced of both our Youth Choir and the African Dancing from the Great Lakes Region and both groups continue to attract much interest from the public when they perform in concerts and cultural events in the city centre. There is now an additional Junior Youth Club for

10-14 year old children which meets regularly and this is proving very popular. We value the importance of encouraging and supporting children and young adults by providing them with a range of worthwhile and stimulating activities aimed at helping to prevent anti-social behaviour, build relationships with each other and strengthen the local community.



ANM has a well-established after school support group which helps to

meet the needs of primary age schoolchildren from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds. Led by a qualified teacher with support from a classroom assistant, the club provides additional help in English, Maths, reading and writing. The club continues to enjoy success in raising the

level of self-confidence in the children who attend as well as giving them a chance to make new friends. The children also take part in a number of learning activities such as word and spelling games designed to help them feel relaxed and comfortable in the learning environment. The

club also acts as a meeting place for the children to make friends and catch up with those who have moved to another area of the city and attend different schools.