An Internet Access Service is also available. This service enables refugees and asylum seekers to keep in touch with their families at home and carry out important research and gather evidence in support of their asylum claim. This is another activity that the organisation is carrying out on an outreach basis within the community in people’s homes. It involves teaching people how to access the Internet and use email facilities. For those clients who cannot afford to be connected in their own homes, they can visit our office where they will find our volunteers ready to take them through all the processes of accessing the web either by sending or receiving e-mails or other information relevant to their needs.

ANM continues to provide ongoing free Internet and Computer Access to asylum seekers and refugees both of which enable them to do important research in support of their asylum claims and to improve their levels of Computer Literacy.

This service is of vital importance, particularly for those who require a safe and confidential

Environment in which to access information appertaining to their asylum issues without the time

Restraints imposed by the People’s Network at the local library or Internet cafes etc.

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